Are you spending too much for your restaurant point of sale?

Point of Sale (POS) is a system used throughout the retail and restaurant industry that enables business owners to monitor cash flow, track sales, food inventory and simplify bookkeeping efficiently. Today, you can find a free restraint point of sale POS system to increase the efficiency of your business.

A POS system is vital for every restaurant, as high volumes of cash and credit cards pass through it each day. In addition to monitoring every penny of the sales, POS systems also serve as credit card processors.

If your restaurant operates in a cash-only basis, you’re clearly missing out on large potential profits you should be earning by limiting the payment options of your customers. Those who use credit cards and don’t have cash on hand might go to your competitors if you’re only requiring cash basis payments.

While small, independent restraint concepts, such as sandwich carts and food trucks may be able to use a cash-only model, cafes and full-service restraints should use an innovative payment system to increase customer service and improve their operation.

The Problem

However, despite the remarkable benefits of using POS, cost remains the biggest obstacle for the restaurant industry to adopt this new system. The cost of a POS system may often seem too much, especially for fledgling restaurants.

If you are like many restaurants that invest in innovative POS systems, you know how expensive it can be. This new technology is actually a major investment for any restaurant business, so it is something you shouldn’t take very lightly. It enables you to take payments, so any issues with your POS system can affect your bottom line.

Today, there are a lot of different POS systems you can find in the market, ranging from the basic to the most advanced technologies. There’s also a wide range of prices for such systems. So, if you know you are spending too much for your restaurant point of sale, why don’t you consider a free restaurant point of sale POS system?

The Solution

Yes, you’ve read it right! You can definitely access to the incredible benefits of an advanced POS system without having to spend tons of money. This becomes possible with Well Done POS.

Well Done is a high-end, full restaurant POS system that comes with a lot of exciting features you would expect from an advanced Point of Sale system. These include integrated credit processing with EMV support, partial payments, check splitting and the ability to print to multiple printers.

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of independent business owners who are still stuck in the gap between the big POS systems and tablet based systems. Well Done POS bridges this gap by providing you the local support and tools you need to run an efficient and productive restaurant. This system runs on terminals or tablets or a combination of both. It is designed to address the unique needs of restaurants and bars.

So, are you spending too much for your restaurant point of sale? Yes, you probably are. Then, start using Well Done POS now!


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