Why you should be using Well Done POS instead of Square

Why you should be using Well Done POS instead of Square?

Having a Point of Sale system is critical when you operate a restaurant business to accept debit and credit payments. With a lot of different payment options that customers have today, the retail and the restraint must integrate innovation solutions to their business in order to thrive in this highly competitive industry. However, POS systems can be very expensive, and if you’re running a small, independent restaurant, it can be a major investment to buy a point of sale system.

Fortunately, free restaurant point of sale POS systems are now available in the market. Among the most popular ones are Square and Well Done POS.

Here are a few things you need to know about these two free POS systems for restaurants.

What is Square POS?

Square point of sale is an intuitive and simple POS system that is easy to use and setup. It is a free restaurant point of sale POS system that works in Android and Apple devices. There are tipping and receipt options, so customers can choose between printed or digital receipts, which they can receive through a text message or email. It works well for restaurant businesses that want to make its operation a lot easier for both the staff and customers.

What is Well Done POS?

Well Done POS is a state-of-the-art point of sale system that runs in terminals or tablet or a combination of both. It comes with a wide spectrum of unique features you would expect from an advanced full restaurant POS system, including integrated credit processing with EMV support, partial payments, check splitting and a lot more.

Its tablet option allows severs to accept payments and enter orders at the table, which increase efficiency and improve accuracy of orders by reducing the payout and order time. It also helps increase security because the card of guests never leaves the table.

So, should you use Well Done POS instead of Square?

If you are looking for a free restaurant point of sale POS system that will improve the efficiency of your restaurant business, while improving levels of customer service, then you should definitely use Well Done POS.

While they’re both free, Well Done provides a comprehensive menu system and inventory tracking utility that is far superior to Square. Well Done also integrates with an industry standard PCI compliant EMV credit card reader unlike what Square provides – a flimsy magnetic stripe reader that plugs into your phone’s headphone jack.

With Well, it also provides cloud-based hosting that is combined with open source front end, which means simple and easy customization and installation.

Stop losing business to cheap systems from unreliable websites. Trust the reliable and innovative model of Well Done that will allow you to compete with a huge variety of restaurant business in your area and beyond. When customers see that you are more prepared to serve them and provide them unique customer experience, they are more likely to come to your business. Grow your restaurant business now by integrating Well Done POS now.


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