Are You Still Tracking Sales Using Paper? You Could Be Losing a Lot of Money

One of the worst ways to end up losing money in your business is ineffective inventory management. If you are still tracking your sales on paper, then you could be really losing lots of money with all the inefficiencies accompanied with this obsolete system. The advent of technology give way to so much better inventory management system that can keep track, record and chart all transactions made in your restaurant.

Better Inventory Management to Avoid Errors That Lead to Business Loss

Humans are prone to error, which you will find evident when tracking your sales using paper and even with spreadsheet. The fact is that even the best typist can make a mistake in every 300 keystrokes with most mistakes never caught. On that note, accounting errors would account to around 15% of loss in the inventory.

People are humans and they tend to make mistakes. When they emotional, distracted or just accidentally hit the wrong key, the simple, small errors can lead the business to spiral out of control. Human mistakes and the errors of manual inventory are costly but it is possible to reduce and even eliminate it with use of automated tracking systems just like restaurant POS.

Some people think of restaurant POS or point of sale systems as only some kind of cash register. POS is not a cash register, but a touch-screen computer screen enabling, recording and charting all transactions ever made inside the restaurant. Even with less complex POS models, you can take advantage of a fully integrated inventory management, accounting, customer relations management, service management and payroll system.

Well Done POS – A Solution to Meet Your Restaurant Specific Needs

In addition, POS models work well with restaurants since you can easily customize such systems to meet your business’s specific needs. By utilizing restaurant POS, you can significant improvement in the efficiency and speed in the operations of your restaurant. Well Done’s POS solution enables quick and accurate sales tracking that will lead overall improvements in your restaurant operations.

Improved Guest Service

Through Well Done POS solution with its intuitive touch screens, the order entry is quicker and the training time reduced. The orders sent directly to the kitchen staff, the foods delivered promptly and check times properly monitored. You can greatly improve the guest service of the restaurant, not to mention well-organized inventory. Tracking sales is one of the most important advantages that Well Done POS solution offers you.

Detailed Information on Sales and Inventory

With Well Done point of sale system, your business can benefit from detailed information about consumption and provide immediate deduction for the consumption from your inventory. This way you can eliminate the risk of sounding in sold-out items. In addition to monitoring your sakes, it can also keep track of all details about your labor cost.

Increases Restaurant Bottom Line

Through all the advantages of Well Done POS solution, you can dramatically increase the bottom line of your business, protecting it from employee theft. Well Done POS solution automatically calculates your restaurant’s inventory allowing you to quickly examine any discrepancies and make better decisions.


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