Migrating Data from Your Existing POS to Well Done

When it’s all about business data, starting from scratch would not only be inconvenient, but also impossible. If you are among those business owners who are worrying about transferring your data from your POS to Well Done, then you have nothing to worry about. Probably, some of you think that it is difficult to do, but it’s actually not as daunting as you think. Well Done can always help you when it comes in moving or transferring your data from any POS system that you are using right now from Well Done POS system. In fact, the procedure of migrating the information doesn’t take longer, and you will end-up be paying less for the new Point of Sale system that you will receive.

Migrating Made Simple

Are you afraid of losing the old data from switching your POS software? Well, there is no need for you to worry about that as Well Done completely understands how necessary your customers, inventories and card data are, that’s why they make it much easier in bringing them to your most advanced and innovative retail Well Done POS system. Of course, few clients or customers have great data requirements needed than others. When it comes in data migration, like in other fields of experiences, Well Done works closely to help you easily determine the right choice for a unique situation that you are dealing with.

Why Switch to Well Done

Perhaps, some of you are still in-doubt whether switch to Well Done or not, as you may be thinking of the difficulties that you might be facing when it comes in moving your business data from the previous POS system. Here are some of the best reasons you should know about, to fully have a better understanding why switch to Well Done now:

Inventory management

Managing the inventories of your small business can be one of the most time-consuming tasks to be done. Not only that, as doing such thing can also be so expensive. Most products might have several volumes, flavors, sizes, and colors. Thanks to the accurate Well Done POS system that you can use today, allowing you to easily know the exact number of products you have. Also, you may categorize the name, color, brand, the number and even the supplier of a certain product you have in your business. If that’s not sufficient for you, then, you can do inventory count or coordinate store collections online to arrange the products catalog & adjust your inventories.

Financial Control

This is another reason why you should decide now about switching to Well Done POS system. With the use of this kind of system, you can eliminate the manual method/process of selling. Most importantly, you can help your business to run smoothly, as you can easily manage every process that is being done by your employees and customers. Also, you would exactly determine how much everybody owes you, and helping your business to grow fast.


Well Done Vs. The Competition

POS or Point of Sale systems are used throughout retail industry and the restaurant. POS computerized systems allow a business owner to track cash flow, sales, and food inventories. Most importantly, POS system can help a lot in simplifying your bookkeeping. Typically, retail POS systems include the cash register, wherein before, comprise the monitor, computer, receipt printers, cash drawer, customer display & the barcode scanner. Also, almost all the restaurant Point of Sales Systems today include the credit and debit card reader.

Best POS for Restaurants & Small Retailers: Well Done POS

As far as retail POS system is concerned, Well Done is the best Point of Sales system that you can use today, rather than choosing to use other kinds of POS systems that are also existing this time around, such as Square, Vend, and ShopKeep. Well Done Point of Sales is the open source of client’s applications for their restaurants design to work along with the Well-Done POS restaurant system that is cloud based. Well Done is the top Point of Sale system that is being pick of many business owners when it comes in their startups and small retailers, as it always provides impressive advantages.

Advantages of Well Done

Well Done POS has lots of advantages, and it include; Free Service, integrated EMV, credit card processing, unlimited menu categories/items, multiple terminal support, inventory management, and open API. Having these great advantages and features, most individuals are highly recommending Well Done POS systems for those individuals who are just planning to have one for their business. It is because, with the advantages it provides, you can ensure that this kind of POS system offers a reliable, secure and intuitive system, beneficial enough in running your business in a more efficient way.

Unlike ShopKeep, Square and Vend. For the numerous powerful advantages it provides, Well Done POS system is the best choice of everyone when it comes in their POS system. In fact, Well Done POS inventory management is a very advanced one that you will see from any processors.

So, if you are a restaurant owner or retail business owner, who wants to consider about having a POS system in your business, then Well Done is the right way to go, which will allow you to simplify ordering procedures, speed-up the process of payment and ease any inventory concerns. Most importantly, with Well Done, you can always guarantee that your employees will become more efficient in doing their job, focusing on some other significant things that needs to be done for the benefits and success of your business. Apart from that, there will be also better boost of the equipment and results to better services. You can also prevent having a complex payment process that can sometimes frustrate your employees or even the customers. Since splitting check is very common in today’s restaurants and retailers, the old way of processing credit card manually can create severe time drain. But, with Well Done POS system, you can automatically process credit card and divide checks quickly.


Are You Still Tracking Sales Using Paper? You Could Be Losing a Lot of Money

One of the worst ways to end up losing money in your business is ineffective inventory management. If you are still tracking your sales on paper, then you could be really losing lots of money with all the inefficiencies accompanied with this obsolete system. The advent of technology give way to so much better inventory management system that can keep track, record and chart all transactions made in your restaurant.

Better Inventory Management to Avoid Errors That Lead to Business Loss

Humans are prone to error, which you will find evident when tracking your sales using paper and even with spreadsheet. The fact is that even the best typist can make a mistake in every 300 keystrokes with most mistakes never caught. On that note, accounting errors would account to around 15% of loss in the inventory.

People are humans and they tend to make mistakes. When they emotional, distracted or just accidentally hit the wrong key, the simple, small errors can lead the business to spiral out of control. Human mistakes and the errors of manual inventory are costly but it is possible to reduce and even eliminate it with use of automated tracking systems just like restaurant POS.

Some people think of restaurant POS or point of sale systems as only some kind of cash register. POS is not a cash register, but a touch-screen computer screen enabling, recording and charting all transactions ever made inside the restaurant. Even with less complex POS models, you can take advantage of a fully integrated inventory management, accounting, customer relations management, service management and payroll system.

Well Done POS – A Solution to Meet Your Restaurant Specific Needs

In addition, POS models work well with restaurants since you can easily customize such systems to meet your business’s specific needs. By utilizing restaurant POS, you can significant improvement in the efficiency and speed in the operations of your restaurant. Well Done’s POS solution enables quick and accurate sales tracking that will lead overall improvements in your restaurant operations.

Improved Guest Service

Through Well Done POS solution with its intuitive touch screens, the order entry is quicker and the training time reduced. The orders sent directly to the kitchen staff, the foods delivered promptly and check times properly monitored. You can greatly improve the guest service of the restaurant, not to mention well-organized inventory. Tracking sales is one of the most important advantages that Well Done POS solution offers you.

Detailed Information on Sales and Inventory

With Well Done point of sale system, your business can benefit from detailed information about consumption and provide immediate deduction for the consumption from your inventory. This way you can eliminate the risk of sounding in sold-out items. In addition to monitoring your sakes, it can also keep track of all details about your labor cost.

Increases Restaurant Bottom Line

Through all the advantages of Well Done POS solution, you can dramatically increase the bottom line of your business, protecting it from employee theft. Well Done POS solution automatically calculates your restaurant’s inventory allowing you to quickly examine any discrepancies and make better decisions.

If you are in the market for a new restaurant POS, don’t spend thousands of dollars on a new system

With the advent of technological advancements, better and less expensive tools enabling people to work faster and more efficiently opened to the world. This is true to most industries although the restaurant Point of Sale (POS) systems were slow to catch up. To this day, restaurants remain to have the highest failure rate in new, small endeavors in business.

There are many reasons why restaurants on their business endeavors, from the huge competition to all the things that usually go wrong with staff, supplies, equipment, etc. Fortunately, there are new technologies out in the market that can help them and you to connect with customers, to control your costs and even predict issues before they happen.

The Point of Sale (POS) System

When you first open your restaurant, you will find a dizzying number of products and systems for streamlining your operations. Often, the systems and products implemented are costly at the start and even more costly to replace. This makes it important that you do careful research when choosing the tools and systems to use for your restaurant to ensure you get it right at the first time.

On that note, one of the operational systems commonly used by restaurants is the point of sale system. The point of sale system acts as the central nervous system of the restaurant, one that provides requisite link between the General Manager, Executive Chef, kitchen team, service team, accountant and the guests. In essence, the POS forms a link that connects the relationship between the restaurant and the customer.

The POS is an essential part of the restaurant and simply defaulting to a familiar brand of POS, foregoing the research, can lead to enormous regrets along with opportunities missed. You are looking for technologies that will improve the efficiency and productivity of your business operations but without spending too much money.

Research to Find the Right POS for Your Restaurant

POS can come in tens of thousands of dollars to only $100 or less per month. Of course, with that range of price you can expect that each of these systems have their own set of strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. This is why it is important to investigate and learn more about point of sale systems in order to find the right one for your specific kind of restaurant.

In order to find the POS ideal for your restaurant, you need to do in-depth research of the available POS in the market. You will need to solicit a number of bids and ask some people in the business about their experiences on the particular system they use. You have plenty of POS choices in the market and you do need to spend thousands of dollars to buy them.

When it comes to quality but low cost POS for the restaurant industry, Well Done is paving the way for you. With understanding of the issues restaurants often deal with, they successfully created an operational point of sale system for only less than $500 in upfront costs, allowing your restaurant to save money but enjoy efficient operations.

Why you should be using Well Done POS instead of Square

Why you should be using Well Done POS instead of Square?

Having a Point of Sale system is critical when you operate a restaurant business to accept debit and credit payments. With a lot of different payment options that customers have today, the retail and the restraint must integrate innovation solutions to their business in order to thrive in this highly competitive industry. However, POS systems can be very expensive, and if you’re running a small, independent restaurant, it can be a major investment to buy a point of sale system.

Fortunately, free restaurant point of sale POS systems are now available in the market. Among the most popular ones are Square and Well Done POS.

Here are a few things you need to know about these two free POS systems for restaurants.

What is Square POS?

Square point of sale is an intuitive and simple POS system that is easy to use and setup. It is a free restaurant point of sale POS system that works in Android and Apple devices. There are tipping and receipt options, so customers can choose between printed or digital receipts, which they can receive through a text message or email. It works well for restaurant businesses that want to make its operation a lot easier for both the staff and customers.

What is Well Done POS?

Well Done POS is a state-of-the-art point of sale system that runs in terminals or tablet or a combination of both. It comes with a wide spectrum of unique features you would expect from an advanced full restaurant POS system, including integrated credit processing with EMV support, partial payments, check splitting and a lot more.

Its tablet option allows severs to accept payments and enter orders at the table, which increase efficiency and improve accuracy of orders by reducing the payout and order time. It also helps increase security because the card of guests never leaves the table.

So, should you use Well Done POS instead of Square?

If you are looking for a free restaurant point of sale POS system that will improve the efficiency of your restaurant business, while improving levels of customer service, then you should definitely use Well Done POS.

While they’re both free, Well Done provides a comprehensive menu system and inventory tracking utility that is far superior to Square. Well Done also integrates with an industry standard PCI compliant EMV credit card reader unlike what Square provides – a flimsy magnetic stripe reader that plugs into your phone’s headphone jack.

With Well, it also provides cloud-based hosting that is combined with open source front end, which means simple and easy customization and installation.

Stop losing business to cheap systems from unreliable websites. Trust the reliable and innovative model of Well Done that will allow you to compete with a huge variety of restaurant business in your area and beyond. When customers see that you are more prepared to serve them and provide them unique customer experience, they are more likely to come to your business. Grow your restaurant business now by integrating Well Done POS now.

Are you spending too much for your restaurant point of sale?

Point of Sale (POS) is a system used throughout the retail and restaurant industry that enables business owners to monitor cash flow, track sales, food inventory and simplify bookkeeping efficiently. Today, you can find a free restraint point of sale POS system to increase the efficiency of your business.

A POS system is vital for every restaurant, as high volumes of cash and credit cards pass through it each day. In addition to monitoring every penny of the sales, POS systems also serve as credit card processors.

If your restaurant operates in a cash-only basis, you’re clearly missing out on large potential profits you should be earning by limiting the payment options of your customers. Those who use credit cards and don’t have cash on hand might go to your competitors if you’re only requiring cash basis payments.

While small, independent restraint concepts, such as sandwich carts and food trucks may be able to use a cash-only model, cafes and full-service restraints should use an innovative payment system to increase customer service and improve their operation.

The Problem

However, despite the remarkable benefits of using POS, cost remains the biggest obstacle for the restaurant industry to adopt this new system. The cost of a POS system may often seem too much, especially for fledgling restaurants.

If you are like many restaurants that invest in innovative POS systems, you know how expensive it can be. This new technology is actually a major investment for any restaurant business, so it is something you shouldn’t take very lightly. It enables you to take payments, so any issues with your POS system can affect your bottom line.

Today, there are a lot of different POS systems you can find in the market, ranging from the basic to the most advanced technologies. There’s also a wide range of prices for such systems. So, if you know you are spending too much for your restaurant point of sale, why don’t you consider a free restaurant point of sale POS system?

The Solution

Yes, you’ve read it right! You can definitely access to the incredible benefits of an advanced POS system without having to spend tons of money. This becomes possible with Well Done POS.

Well Done is a high-end, full restaurant POS system that comes with a lot of exciting features you would expect from an advanced Point of Sale system. These include integrated credit processing with EMV support, partial payments, check splitting and the ability to print to multiple printers.

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of independent business owners who are still stuck in the gap between the big POS systems and tablet based systems. Well Done POS bridges this gap by providing you the local support and tools you need to run an efficient and productive restaurant. This system runs on terminals or tablets or a combination of both. It is designed to address the unique needs of restaurants and bars.

So, are you spending too much for your restaurant point of sale? Yes, you probably are. Then, start using Well Done POS now!